Venom: Let There Be Carnage poster


After finding a host body in investigative reporter Eddie Brock, the alien symbiote must face a new enemy, Carnage, the alter ego of serial killer Cletus Kasady.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2021-09-30

Runtime 97 minutes

Budget $0.1b

Revenue $0.5b


TMDB 6.963


Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "Great movie. The sarcastic & always hungry venom makes for a fun watch."

Anna 's profile image

anna_6792 shared a tip "I love venom!! This movie was hilarious and carnage was just an amazing villain. Love the plot, the characters are awesome!"

Anji Wiens's profile image

Peachzzz shared a tip "Just saw the trailer and I am ssssooooooooo EXCITED!"

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Kaitlyn Kendall's profile image

kaitlyn_kendall_1308 shared a tip "Great movie. Make sure to watch the part after the credits. Has some comedy too throughout the movie."

Joslyn 's profile image

joslyn shared a tip "Dare I say better than the first movie!?"

Sonia Burton's profile image

sonia_burton shared a tip "Good one"

Chad Collins's profile image

hymtheria shared a tip "Good follow up to the first one!"

Emanuel Catalan's profile image

E-man shared a tip "Not as good as the first one"

evan_cook shared a tip "If you liked the first, you’ll like this one! Easy enough!"

Yliana Contreras's profile image

yliana_contreras shared a tip "It was awesome and I think Venom is really cool lookin"

Ryan Schlip's profile image

ryan_schlip shared a tip "Everything was so loud. Carnage is a much bigger villain than the film allowed him to be."

ayo_1533 shared a tip "Loved the storyline and loved the thriller"

Illiana 's profile image

illiana.rowepower shared a tip "This movie is one of my all time favorite movies! It was incredible!"

Angie Alvarez's profile image

an6 shared a tip "So ****** good, AND THE ENDING OMG !!"

otters 's profile image

otters shared a tip "Fantastic"

Manny B's profile image

i_bry shared a tip "I hope this movie delivers; the trailers have me hyped af!! 😆"

abby 's profile image

dorky_abby shared a tip "It was absolutely hilarious! I laughed so much I started to tear up!"

Billy 's profile image

fuckingggbilly shared a tip "-oh yeah they're *******."

lennon_oliver-klase shared a tip "Love it work of art"

Jersey Kirkness's profile image

jersey_kirkness shared a tip "Funny"

J. Landry's profile image

j._landry shared a tip "I like this one, and the first one it looks exciting, and like it will keep your attention."

Janelle Pineda's profile image

janelle_pineda_9765 shared a tip "If your looking for a comedy movie and not much action, then this is a great movie. Perfect balance of comedy and action."

kristee humphrey's profile image

kristee_humphrey shared a tip "Super fun. Had to see it."

Shoe Mystie's profile image

shooomyster shared a tip "Great movie, part of other storylines, pretty funny with some good action 8/10"

KOROEGG 2's profile image

koroegf shared a tip "It's hard for me to like Venom here when he's an even more annoying version of Zorak."

Neha Patel's profile image

neha_patel_7292 shared a tip "Loved this - it was humorous and filled with action!"

Isaac Smith's profile image

isaac_smith_3942 shared a tip "Its better than the first one in my opinion"

Nathan_FNM 's profile image

nathan_fnm shared a tip "Got to see the perspective of a villian which was fire"

mackenzie_holmes_8102 shared a tip "Not like venom but if you haven’t already you NEED to watch the marvel movies"

RiceTurki 's profile image

riceturki shared a tip "Went with some friends and it was awesome. 9/10"

Cory Wessels's profile image

cory_wessels_6424 shared a tip "I enjoyed this a lot more than the first one. The end credit scene is worth it all!"

Kelvin Dog's profile image

kelvin_dog shared a tip "Thrilling and fast paced"

Vincent Salerno's profile image

vincent_salerno shared a tip "Yes"

Amanda Parkhurst's profile image

amanda_parkhurst shared a tip "It had so many action scenes. Deep story loss of humor. And best of all Tom Hardy killing it again!"

Corbin Eakins's profile image

corbin_eakins shared a tip "Good movie saw it in the theaters but don't know how to watch it hear"

dustin_mullins shared a tip "was a great movie"

Film Boy's profile image

Filmboy shared a tip "Plays out like a old school spiderman movie."

Carlina Fernicola's profile image

carlina_fernicola shared a tip "Amazing"

Riickiie D's profile image

theguywhoknowsbest shared a tip "Spider-Man!!!! I hope would be next!!! Epic"

Joy m's profile image

joy_m_934 shared a tip "Just watched this. Honestly I think this one was just as good as the first and I hope we get a Spider-Man Venom movie."

Tim Nottke's profile image

tim_nottke shared a tip "I’ve actually watched this a little while ago I think it’s better than the first one"

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