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The action-packed, heart-wrenching and fantastically addictive sequel to Sarah J. Maas's epic fantasy debut THRONE OF GLASS. Eighteen-year-old Celaena Sardothien is bold, daring and beautiful – the perfect seductress and the greatest assassin her world has ever known. But though she won the King's c

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Author Sarah J. Maas

Pages 336

Publisher A&C Black

Published Date 2013-08-15

ISBN 1408834952 9781408834954


Google 4.5


Jonathan Kent's profile image

jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Just a very great book, can't wait to read the rest of the series!"

LeeLoo Dallas's profile image

leeloo_dallas shared a tip "…good read and surprising twists !! …I’m hooked and can’t wait for the next one !! 🤩🤩"

Astro 's profile image

smallzz shared a tip "I read this is exactly a week then absolutely loved it!!!"

Malea 's profile image

malea_themagnificent shared a tip "Wdym"

seriah_227 shared a tip "This might be my favorite book in the series … is cealana really who she says she is…"

Aubrey Teague's profile image

aubrey_teague shared a tip "4/5✨"

Madison Rose's profile image

madison_rose_5949 shared a tip "Had amazing action and plot"

rowan_lillian_harbo shared a tip "I've read it, and I love it"

Christine 's profile image

cl.bacon shared a tip "Do it! So good"

sandtana_woodfin shared a tip "This book broke me but also had my heart souring. This was probably one of the first books that had me in years."

linea_hamid shared a tip "You're welcome! It's from the Throne of Glass series so you might want to start with the first one"

Tina Skeen's profile image

tina_skeen shared a tip "Love this book! Even better than the first book. Only downside is that I no longer love Crunchy Chaol :("

Jessica Noel's profile image

jessica_noel_4942 shared a tip "She is one of my favorite authors I am now reading Cresent City 2."

kennedy_sinclair_9319 shared a tip "Great world and characters"

Angelissa Gutierrez's profile image

angelissa_gutierrez shared a tip "This book had me in tears. Part of a great series!!"

Angela Patnode's profile image

angela_patnode_5342 shared a tip "ANYTHING this amazing woman writes is GOLD! Also to this day this is my favorite series ever. Currently on a reread. :)"

diana_anderson_4748 shared a tip "Great characters, fun plot"

Sabrina Lydon's profile image

sabrina_lydon shared a tip "Draws you in. I like rooting for the underdog."

Adriana 's profile image

adriana_nieves_7667 shared a tip "completing read, the characters are so enticing and the character development leads onto a great start for the next book"

amanda-rose_jones shared a tip "Currently reading CC2 and then in a couple weeks I’ll be reading The War of Two Queens by Jenifer Armentrout"

carlie_ballou shared a tip "5/5 stars."

Sarah Kust's profile image

sarah_kust shared a tip "The TOG and ACOTAR are my two favorite series, in this genre."

arisha khan's profile image

arisha_khan shared a tip "Read a long time ago"

arisha khan's profile image

arisha_khan shared a tip "Love the main character"

gina_6801 shared a tip "Absolutely! But you have to read the first book in the series before this, Throne of Glass."

Emily Sensing's profile image

emily_sensing shared a tip "😙🤌"

Emily Sensing's profile image

emily_sensing shared a tip "😙🤌"

Amanda B's profile image

amandaa_b shared a tip "Every book of hers is amazing"

destiny_gregory_3637 shared a tip "I feel like we all knew low-key what was going to happen but the REVEAL. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Maas has done it again"

Sydney Kozak's profile image

sydney_kozak shared a tip "Very exiting, full if surprises"

Kimberly Skits's profile image

kimberly_skits shared a tip "The twists and turns"

Emma Beal's profile image

emma_beal_8493 shared a tip "I loved it so entertaining and keeps your attention through the whole book"

rella 's profile image

marellariel shared a tip "#3"

Cherise Thompson's profile image

cherise_thompson shared a tip "@turnergray1"

Olivia Wright's profile image

olivia_wright_7903 shared a tip "Tower of Dawn. I love Chaol having to face his past and becoming better."

sofia_lanza shared a tip "Same! I want to reread the whole series!💜💜📚"

Becca Koop's profile image

becca_koop shared a tip "I am loveing the Infinity Cycle series by Adam Silvera."

Rachael Reed's profile image

rachael_reed shared a tip "I couldn't put these books down, and the last book made me cry happy tears. I'm going to re read it again soon"

Alejandra Alvarado's profile image

alejandra_alvarado_8968 shared a tip "Meh, not my fav, but OH MY GOSH! The plot thickens, people! It freaken thickens."

Josie Bulenga's profile image

josie_bulenga shared a tip "Even Better than the first book"

Haylee Prather's profile image

haylee_prather shared a tip "I loved this series and passed it on to many other people. Even non readers. They loved it"

reilly_hessing shared a tip "This book is best binged in 3 weeks with the whole series......"

Jennifer Ponce's profile image

jennifercillay shared a tip "I don't know how I would it through the last 6 weeks without Sarah Maas!!"

Hailey Echo's profile image

haileyecho shared a tip "This series has sucked me in! So so good and feeling ✨blessed✨ it’s a long series!!"

Meagan 's profile image

meagan_8076 shared a tip "I enjoyed the series, very easy read and despite being somewhat predictable kept my interest"

Serena 's profile image

SerenaHJ shared a tip "The poppy war book series are my fav books"

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