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Bea Smith is locked up while awaiting trial for the attempted murder of her husband and must learn how life works in prison. A modern adaptation and sequel of the iconic Prisoner series.

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Status Ended

First Air Date 2013-05-01

Last Air Date 2021-10-26

Seasons 9

Episodes 100


TMDB 8.1


𝑹𝒊𝒄𝒐 𝑺𝒐𝒑𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒐 ✪'s profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "Wentworth makes Orange is the New Black look like child's play. Low key one of my all time favorite shows on Netflix."

nick karlsons's profile image

nick_karlsons shared a tip "Way better than the orange is the new black"

Rhon 's profile image

wine_bar shared a tip "So much better than orange is the new black."

Jess 's profile image

jessica_7565 shared a tip "I’ve been watching this for one week and am about to finish the third season already.Can’t stop won’t stop"

Marilyn Villalba Martinez's profile image

marilyn_villalba_ma shared a tip "I love OITNB- but this was hands down Way better. The drama had me at the edge of my seat"

kathy_mcconnell_2284 shared a tip "Great scripts."

Deena 's profile image

swanqueen shared a tip "I recently only watched the gay scenes and omg my heart my whole heart, I was upset how that ended gayyy"

Kiki Divyne's profile image

kiki_divyne shared a tip "AMAZING....another nail biter. I was skeptical thinking ot was another OTNB but this definitely had you on edge... FABBBULOUS"

LeeEva; 🧿's profile image

leegoe shared a tip "one of my favourite series! definitely worth the binge.. binge-able a couple-few times! 💯"

Carol Ennis's profile image

carol_ennis shared a tip "Very good"

Nick Tassone's profile image

ntassoni shared a tip "Great characters."

Steve Gorsuch's profile image

steve_gorsuch shared a tip "If you like orange is the new black your probably going to like Wentworth"

Darlene Evans's profile image

darlene_evans shared a tip "I have watched this from beginning to current 3x now.... see something new each time"

cassidy_chandanais shared a tip "Watch ever season and thank me after! If you like Orange Is The New Black, you’ll love #wentworth ! #Netflix #OITNB"

Lisa Gloddy's profile image

lisa_gloddy shared a tip "Best show ever!"

alyssa_petri shared a tip "So good"

Ryanne Thompson's profile image

ryanne_thompson shared a tip "oh gosh theres so many! I dont want to say too much in case of spoilers"

angelina_burkitt shared a tip "Fav show of all time"

Sonnya Kale's profile image

sonnya_kale shared a tip "Much better than Orange is the new Black."

pearce_smith shared a tip "Hey, sorry for the delay. It’s worth it! It has like 9 seasons and I wish they had more!"

Alicia Lunz's profile image

alicia_lunz shared a tip "Great binge 7 seasons and more to come"

Randy Baxter's profile image

Gibby shared a tip "Can’t stop watching!"

Little Angels's profile image

little_angels shared a tip "Good show to watch. Definitely catchy. Going on its 8th season. soon to be released in the U.S. Already released in Australia"

Susan Feren's profile image

susan_feren shared a tip "Love this show! Great series."

susan_phillips_9329 shared a tip "In the vein of Orange is the New Black. Set in Australia.#bingeworthy"

Michelle C's profile image

Ineffable shared a tip "Better than Orange is the New Black in every way. Sorry not sorry."

BKFStrait 's profile image

bkfstrait shared a tip "So good!"

Nicole Quigley's profile image

nicole_quigley_1322 shared a tip "One of my favorites of all time. About women in prison in Australia."

Elle C.'s profile image

elle_c. shared a tip "The acting is on point and the characters are really interesting."

Jeny Cromer's profile image

jeny_cromer shared a tip "Love this - better than orange is the new black."

Val Menard's profile image

val_menard shared a tip "Never a dull moment in this show, love it!"

Mary Beth Trendos's profile image

mbtrendy shared a tip "In my top three favourite shows of ALL. TIME. (The Office & Breaking Bad round out the trifecta.)"

CeCee McMore  's profile image

ceemac1806 shared a tip "This is better than orange is the new black #sorrynotsorry"

jolene_beaudoin shared a tip "It’s just so dark ! Love it"

J 's profile image

j_1061 shared a tip "Loved this series so much, fantastically written and very well casted"

Psuedo Chef's profile image

psuedo_chef shared a tip "I like it better than orange is the new black"

Lucy Bishop's profile image

lucy_bishop shared a tip "Better, grittier, than Orange is the New Black.A wonderful Villain"

Vicky Burnett-Hamilton's profile image

vicky_burnett-hamilton shared a tip "This is a riveting show. Once you watch it you are hooked"

deborah_hill shared a tip "Binge worthy!"

Ashley Roe's profile image

ashley_roe shared a tip "If you like OITNB then this is your match but better!"

heather_heckman shared a tip "Even better than orange is the new black"

Casey Celena's profile image

casey_celena shared a tip "It's worth waiting to binge watch!"

jennifer_peterson_6888 shared a tip "My favorite was when Bea Smith was still in the picture"

Sarah Anne's profile image

sarah_anne_4977 shared a tip "Best Australian show ever"

susan_7402 shared a tip "Well written, smart series! While I enjoyed OITNB, I love this series much better."

Misty Kuhn's profile image

misty_kuhn shared a tip "Better than OITNB. Best villain ever. Interesting characters and mostly great acting."

Lee Toth's profile image

lee_toth shared a tip "The most gripping show I’ve ever seen. So incredibly bingeable. Also the best villain ever in the Freak"

carrie_lynn21 shared a tip "One of my all time favorite shows!"

Laicee Eichler's profile image

laicee_eichler shared a tip "Such a great show! Been hooked for a while."

dana_pilrose shared a tip "better than oitnb"

Poppiwashere !'s profile image

poppiwashere_ shared a tip "Best show ever!"

Doug Kern's profile image

doug_kern shared a tip "Some much better then the orange is the new black"

janiyah_1443 shared a tip "This is so good this something for you to watch during quarantine 😂"

julia_garcia_2348 shared a tip "A mixture of Locked Up and OITNB.#Bea&Allie"

Michelle Mendenhall's profile image

michelle_mendenhall_4444 shared a tip "one of my favs and almost willing to say better than orange is the new black"

Jeff Berg's profile image

jeff_berg shared a tip "8 seasons. Best thing on tv. Netflix"

Jeff Berg's profile image

jeff_berg shared a tip "8 seasons. Best thing on TV. Netfix"

Jeff Berg's profile image

jeff_berg shared a tip "Best series on tv. 8 seasons!"

niyah_b_590 shared a tip "Greatttt show"

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Linda Heggarty's profile image

linda_heggarty shared a tip "Oh the torture of waiting for part 2 of season 8!!!"

Leah Monique's profile image

leah_monique shared a tip "Love it!!"

Fela Gonzalez's profile image

fela_gonzalez shared a tip "Exciting"

Kristin Nwakobi's profile image

kristin_nwakobi shared a tip "Loved"

Mikaela Wendel's profile image

mikaela_wendel shared a tip "OITNB & Handmaid's Tale have a similar theme of strong women"

T Sprick's profile image

t_sprick shared a tip "it was just great over all"

hava_6693 shared a tip "It’s the best it’s the type of series i have been looking for i finished it a while ago and can’t wait for season 9"

kel13@rogers.com 's profile image

kel13rogers.com shared a tip "I like it better the the Orange is the new black if you have seen that one."

Elexza Chavarria's profile image

elexza_chavarria shared a tip "Ngl I didn’t finished this bc some later seasons weren’t that good but I did really enjoy the first few seasons"

Gaby Mo's profile image

gaby_mo shared a tip "Amazing!"

Bryan Reid's profile image

bryan_reid_905 shared a tip "One of my top 5, didn't expect it be as good as it is..."

Brandi Kay's profile image

brandi_kay_1505 shared a tip "100%"

krista mcpherson's profile image

krista_mcpherson_981 shared a tip "I'm watching The Handmaid's tale, which is one of the best series I've ever watched."

Annie Fannie's profile image

annie_fannie shared a tip "Addicted to this series!!!! Can't wait till the final season 9!!!!"

Holly Griffin's profile image

holly_griffin_7854 shared a tip "Great characters, a little too much prison sex but hey, it’s prison! the storyline is suspenseful and you can’t stop watching!"

Faith Borunda's profile image

faith_borunda shared a tip "Yes! Definitely. I think you’ll enjoy it"

carisa_henderson shared a tip "The OG women’s prison show"

celin khanian's profile image

celin_khanian shared a tip "Amazing show! I've watched this over 5 times... it's that good"

Molly Coates's profile image

molly_coates_7656 shared a tip "Way better than OITNB, turn on your captions if you have trouble with the accents at first :)"

Yaisa Diaz's profile image

yaisa_diaz shared a tip "I’m addicted to this show!! After season 1 episode 2 it was non stop binge for me!"

rachelle_leggett shared a tip "Characters and the drama and Franky Doyle!"

Tiffanie Roberson's profile image

tiffanie_roberson shared a tip "Great action and story line that connects to each person."

lisa_gaddis shared a tip "Honestly, 1000x more better and messed up than Orange is the New Black"

mecca_davis_3052 shared a tip "It’s a good show to sit down on the couch and just watch with like some friends it’s really nice"

Brandy Jean's profile image

brandy_jean shared a tip "Orange is the new black BUT better!!!! We were hooked within the first few episodes."

Kristina Udeagha's profile image

kristina_udeagha shared a tip "Greatest show ever worth the binge!"

ariana_berrios_6356 shared a tip "It was amazing! Watched it twice"

Bree Freshh's profile image

bree_freshh shared a tip "So happy I found this series! One of my favorites of all time. Freaking awesome all around 👏🏼👏🏼"

vinny_3936 shared a tip "Full of tense episodes and interesting characters. Need a little imagination with the plot."

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