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Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist. Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows duology - comprising Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom - is a gripping and memorable fantasy epic, perfect for fans of George R. R. Martin, Laini Taylor, and Holly Black.Read it before you see it! Set in the same world as the

Author Leigh Bardugo

Pages 1000

Publisher Hachette Children's Group

Published Date 2020-12-23

ISBN 1510109668 9781510109667


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Arielle Garza's profile image

arielle_garza shared a tip "I love this book! Have probably read 10 times"

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salem_lancaster shared a tip "I loved these books! They are amazingly written, and i love the characters, plot, and everything about it!"

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pgt shared a tip "Mlm relationship, het-passing bisexual relationships"

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lexi_raye_ shared a tip "I love kaz I would protect him if he ever needed it. But leta me honest, he'd murder me first."

Kassandra H. 's profile image

jermyn_k shared a tip "Oh that's a tough one. I really loved the city of brass trilogy!"

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Adelinethedemigod shared a tip "My second favorite book series."

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toholdandforget2 shared a tip "witch x witch-hunter. three diff amazing romances. found family. fantasy politics. heists"

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ashlyn_darling shared a tip "god i had fun reading this duology yes yes yes yes yes"

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saman_majeed shared a tip "A court of mist and ruin by Sarah J Mass"

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kayla_norris shared a tip "I'm not sure in this genre, I was goingnto look around on here! But my next read is The Wrong Family by Tarryn Fisher!"

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toys_t shared a tip "Do it!! Especially if you are a character driven reader."

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jax_cornejo shared a tip "Rn I’m reading November 9 by Colleen hoover"

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holly_mcdermid shared a tip "Thats an awesome book it is one of my favs. Ive read lots of books but that one stays in the top 10"

Maya Kowalski Goff's profile image

maya_kowalski_goff shared a tip "I suck at deciding my favourite parts of books lol but the ending of the first one was pretty intense!"

Adrianna perez's profile image

adrianna_perez_3353 shared a tip "Grandmaster of demonic cultivation"

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corrine_zelaya shared a tip "People we meet on vacation was good and right now I’m re reading the matches series"

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jess_hardisty shared a tip "Incredible character development. Sucked me in from the very beginning- great read! (Or listen, I suppose..)"

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samantha_kirchoff shared a tip "I’m currently reading the seconded book in Sarah J. Maas series a court of thorns and roses"

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juliann_winfree_527 shared a tip "This is my favorite book of the whole series"

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gabrielle_desbiens shared a tip "This was definitely one of the best books I’ve read! I love it!"

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miaviolet111 shared a tip "not to be dramatic but i would die for these characters"

mia_piccuta shared a tip "Dance of Thieves is a great duology that is very similar to this!"

kyla_dolan shared a tip "Honestly I loved everything about this book."

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melanie_rojas_3881 shared a tip "The best of what YA has to offer."

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sarah_croteau_1141 shared a tip "Loved every second"

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jessica_chi shared a tip "Amsterdam inspired world #foundfamily #lgbtqfantasy"

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brianna_wise shared a tip "The literal best character dynamic everrr"

Leighton Mcgraw's profile image

leighton_mcgraw shared a tip "I loved almost all of it! I don’t know if I can say just one event but I can say Nina and inej are my favorite characters."

Haley Baldus's profile image

haley_baldus shared a tip "Yes I would read it for sure"

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sarah_belk shared a tip "Right now I'm reading 'The Wosteria Society of Lady Scoundrals'. It's amazing"

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isabelle_h_5099 shared a tip "the inheritance games. the characters are incredible"

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gabriella_hedden shared a tip "LOVE LOVE LOVE"

campbell_6618 shared a tip "very exciting and loved the characters- fav duology"

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ineedrecs shared a tip "Check out Ninth House by the same author!"

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mj_griego shared a tip "I keep going back to this one. Dealing w intimacy trauma is chefs kiss"

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tiffany_wolf shared a tip "My favorite murder teens"

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kalia_morris shared a tip "The hunger games is amazing along with resistance"

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ariel_bivens shared a tip "Not really"

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bella_3039 shared a tip "Does this trilogy have adult scenes? Asking for a friend:)"

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awesome_user_319036 shared a tip "I hate what happened im the end but it was amazing nevertheless"

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carol_colten shared a tip "My favorite non-offical couples"

madeline_1576 shared a tip "I don’t know how this got here👀"

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laila_antonini shared a tip "jesper and wylan are SO CUTE. 10/10"

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lizards_and_Friends shared a tip "Hey"

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lizards_and_Friends shared a tip "Hey I wanna know what you guys think about this book."

bethany_2755 shared a tip "adventure, romance, friendship , world , fantasy"

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cq_ shared a tip "favorite book"

zora_mccoy shared a tip "They were amazing books - I literally couldn’t put them down."

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nao_naomi shared a tip "One of my all time favorite. The plot, the characters, the romance everything is perfect."

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Nat_Mak shared a tip "These have an amazing plow and the characters are excellently written ❤."

anna_9701 shared a tip "Oh man LOVED this. Incredibly entertaining with a lot of well-developed characters."

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caleb_posey shared a tip "Mine too:)"

rey_guillen_9732 shared a tip "It’s worth it. You can always watch episode 1 if you need selling. I started to read it after episode one :p"

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naomi_borukhova shared a tip "It’s such a good book I just finished it yesterday!"

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annemarie_chaney shared a tip "Good read!" 's profile image

rachelirwin13.rigma shared a tip "Amazing"

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