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Based on the available information and the data hitherto collected, my hypothesis is that the further I stay away from love, the better off I will be.'Contemporary romance's unicorn: the elusive marriage of deeply brainy and delightfully escapist.' Christina Lauren, New York Times bestselling author

Author Ali Hazelwood

Pages 384

Publisher Little, Brown Book Group

Published Date 2021-09-27

ISBN 1408725754 9781408725757


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lexy_writes shared a tip "I thought that this book was good"

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jackie_shindman shared a tip "Adam is the best book boyfriend ❤️‍🔥 Not up for debate 🙉🙈🙊"

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iamtessa shared a tip "I caved and got this book. Too cliché at times for my liking, but it was a good read!"

victoria_lawrence_7818 shared a tip "This book is at the top of my reading list. I have it here at home"

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jordan_matute shared a tip "Read this in one day! Absolutely amazing romance read!"

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morgan_stough shared a tip "So cute! Love a fake dating storyline. Very Spicy 🌶"

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sarah_foreman_4880 shared a tip "Loved this so much!!❤️❤️ Would read a million times and still love it!"

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m_r_4662 shared a tip "perfect"

anna_muhovich shared a tip "I’m in grad school so it was relatable and the characters were well rounded"

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jerry_rivera_2543 shared a tip "I’m obsess with Adam"

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lucarionite9364 shared a tip "Is this book worth the read? I thought it looked cute and wanted others opinions on it"

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kelly_kusumi shared a tip "Fake dating trope"

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caroline_cyr_la_rose shared a tip "So cute!! I loved the meta references to the #fakedating trope 😂"

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hannah_stricklin shared a tip "adored this read, love the academic setting, finished in one sitting and have reread cover to cover!"

noor_fatima_7567 shared a tip " romance book ever methinks"

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maddie_spader shared a tip "N/a"

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audg_paudg shared a tip "AMAZING book. Would recommend to all graduate students this winter break"

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ilove_moviesntv shared a tip "Sweet and fluffy!! Absolutely LOVED IT!! it's definitely going on my bookshelf"

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lexie_kupka shared a tip "This is my favorite book i have ever read it’s amaz"

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crystal_does shared a tip "Hilarious. Great banter."

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julie_6092 shared a tip "i love this book, i wish i never read it so i could read it for the first time again😭"

fernanda_5608 shared a tip "I love the fake dating plot that happens in the story"

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suryashree_ray shared a tip "What is not to love about this?? I just wish guys like Adam were real😭😭"

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martha_maloney shared a tip "Grumpy-sunshine trope"

megan_abernathy_7212 shared a tip "one of my top 10 books i’ve read❤️"

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carley_banna shared a tip "Fell in love with Adam, this book was very hard to put down! Def recommend for those who love Romance 🥰"

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kathleen_papiernik shared a tip "no thoughts brain empty"

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melanie_plescia shared a tip "Funny and a page turner. Couldn't put it down and finished it in two days"

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sarah_hicks_9006 shared a tip "Currently reading Cruel Prince!"

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doreenmnelson shared a tip "Inhaled it in like one sitting even though I hadn’t read a book in like maybe a year"

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ruth_semchishin shared a tip "Liked how cliche and cute it was"

lily_lclaire shared a tip "The slowburn, asexual representation, well written friendships, and well developed romance"

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baylee_6523 shared a tip "I read this book in one day. I was so hooked on the characters & their connection I couldn’t put it down for a second!"

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naomi_gray_4827 shared a tip "Was a really quick and fun cover to cover read!"

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kailynn_ketelson shared a tip "fake dating trope, very cute and little spicy"

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daniela_5067 shared a tip "Great slow burn novel, with romance and great characters."

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kateri_tooley shared a tip "I’ve just started binge reading romances. And this is the best one I’ve read yet."

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maria_martinez_2521 shared a tip "I fell in love, a class mate recommended it literally yesterday and I read it all today I loved it 10000/10"

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HoneyVee shared a tip "This is the type of romance I need in my life 💔 Love love love Adam and his lil grumpy personality"

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bella_6750 shared a tip "we love Dr Adam Carlsen. I wanna relive through this book as if i’ve never read it before, over and over."

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lilantea shared a tip "I loved all of the characters so much!"

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samantha_boisvert shared a tip "I loved everything about this book. The characters, the setting, the fake dating trope. All of it"

xitlally_delfin-alv shared a tip "There was so much feelings and definitely a page turner"

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alyssagoretzka shared a tip "really enjoyed"

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nancy_melo shared a tip "it gave me nostalgic wattpad vibes, but better. It was not rushed and did not feel forced!"

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katie_lynch_6180 shared a tip "I finished it in one day, I couldn't put it down!"

kat_8814 shared a tip "One of my favorites!!! So well written"

samantha_dobrovolny shared a tip "This book was amazing!!"

celeste_javier shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book, it was written so good and I couldn’t put it down. 100/10"

kristine_medrano shared a tip "Such a cute love story"

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queenbook shared a tip "#fakedating #romance #thelovehypothesis #funny #lighthearted #fastpaced"

ellie_h_1386 shared a tip "So heart warming and cute! Not to mention that one scene was also great. 😉🔥"

carley_stepanek shared a tip "Characters are adorable, pace was perfect, spice was on point. Everything you could want in a romcom"

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just_shalia shared a tip "I read it in a day, great writing style and I love fake dating tropes."

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gabriela_morquecho shared a tip "Great book! I love the story! If your into love stories in a college setting, this is for you. Enjoyable read"

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podcast_ shared a tip "I LOVE ADAM"

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lauryn_leslie shared a tip "Absolutely love love love this book. Had so much fun reading it. Would 100% recommend"

an_c_4189 shared a tip "Olive Smith + Adam Carlsen: Fake dating at Stanford research labs to trick her bff 4.5/5"

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odalis_carranza shared a tip "read if you like grumpy x sunshine!!"

emily_3248 shared a tip "Loved this. It was a smart romance that tackled hard issues, all while making you laugh."

jennifer_4209 shared a tip "Super cute and quirky loved how both characters were vulnerable with their feelings and crush"

darnesha_walters shared a tip "Amazing I loved this book I wish the author had written more. Such a feel good book but also hot if you know what I mean 😉"

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taylor_olds shared a tip "I loved this book! Couldn’t put it down! I finished it in 2 days!"

amber_fox_2397 shared a tip "Super cute."

chase_9439 shared a tip "Cute, interesting they used 3rd person view when the book was focused on Olives view."

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indra_yunen shared a tip "Super cute book! 4/5⭐️"

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lacyjae shared a tip "It was a cute quick read."

alexandra_sargent shared a tip "this genuinely was such an amazing book i’d totally read it again, i’m missing it already!!"

rokaia_safri shared a tip "amazing chemistry and very relatable"

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_Kelsey_ shared a tip "Marvelous. Must read if you like romance!!"

rachel_hawkins_344 shared a tip "Loved this book! It was a great escape. Excellent combo of nerdy and romance."

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Nanak_101 shared a tip "It's cute to see the male lead yearning for an oblivious female lead. The perfect recipe with a little added spice ;)"

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alexea_mccaslin shared a tip "Amazing book! 10 out of 10"

clara_beth_souter shared a tip "When he pushed the car.🥵🥰"

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sara_groninga shared a tip "It was amazing, so sweet, very spicy 🔥🔥 and overall just very cute and funny"

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stephanie_butterfield shared a tip "#romance #womeninscience"

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meagan_mckellar shared a tip "I LOVED this book! So much fun, so well written, and working in academia, SO relatable!"

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grace_tilbrook shared a tip "Cute break from my thrillers ❤️"

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taylor_rasie shared a tip "Absolutely loved it!"

ginabooks shared a tip "Adam is the best boyfriend One of them anyways Lol this book was so good"

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