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Investigative journalist Eddie Brock attempts a comeback following a scandal, but accidentally becomes the host of Venom, a violent, super powerful alien symbiote. Soon, he must rely on his newfound powers to protect the world from a shadowy organization looking for a symbiote of their own.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2018-09-28

Runtime 112 minutes

Budget $0.1b

Revenue $0.9b


TMDB 6.8


Jenna Hayden's profile image

jenna shared a tip "Saw this one recommended so many times on Likewise so I finally watched it and LOVED it!"

Sam Houston's profile image

sam_houston shared a tip "Action packed film with good scenes!"

Panic at the Swimming Pool's profile image

Illumi shared a tip "The whole thing😁"

Jason Nuciola's profile image

jason_nuciola shared a tip "it kind of loses something without Spider-Man but overall it was a good movie"

Ollie Westowski-Angelosi's profile image

indubitaly_adalu shared a tip "Hilarious and such a good action flick!"

taylor vigfusson's profile image

taylor_vigfusson shared a tip "actually really good movie. love tom hardy"

Emily Beaumont's profile image

rebelbooks101 shared a tip "I haven’t watched many marvel movies but I went to see this with friends and I liked it"

Jarden mills's profile image

jarden_mills shared a tip "The Venom character is really like able and it has Tom Hardy in it! What’s not to love?"

Carolyn 's profile image

Hotwheels85 shared a tip "Much more comedic dialog than expected, more in the Deadpool superhero category than expected."

Jillian 's profile image

jill_s100 shared a tip "this movie is literally fine, idk why it got panned by critics :-/"

Laura Potter's profile image

laura_potter shared a tip "This looks like it’ll be good!"

poeitro shared a tip "yeah good"

Darlene Evans's profile image

darlene_evans shared a tip "Love, love, love Venom. Watched it twice this month so far! And you gotta love the theme song done by Eminem."

Ty 's profile image

ty_vs shared a tip "Oh, good movie"

John Villasenor's profile image

johnvilla99 shared a tip "Very good marvel movie. Story line was great and didn’t need to be a comic book worm to understand the back story."

Chiya Amin's profile image

chiya_amin_2149 shared a tip "I really enjoyed this movie, A absolute must watch if your a fan of venom."

Kristie Strieby's profile image

kristie_strieby shared a tip "Packed with action, great storyline, left me wanting more"

no sass's profile image

no_sass shared a tip "good"

Sapphire Shores's profile image

sapphire_shores shared a tip "The best relationship between a millennial and a raging space demon."

ashy slashy's profile image

scarecrane shared a tip "EDDIE!!!!! WE ARE VENOM EDDIE!!!!"

ivy walker's profile image

ivy_walker_2472 shared a tip "#Venom. What I like #TomHardy so I watch his movies if u like him to than the one u need to watch is #Legend"

Zach wilson's profile image

zach_wilson_6117 shared a tip "Bc it's an awesome movie"

J. Landry's profile image

j._landry shared a tip "Lots of action, and I love Tom Hardy. I Like michelle williams too in this. I'm excited to see the next Venom movie also."

justin_barber_783 shared a tip "It's tight"

justin_barber_783 shared a tip "Yep"

Pan Mittal's profile image

pan_mittal shared a tip "One of Tom Hardy’s best work."

ShadowTheWolf 's profile image

shadowthewolf shared a tip "Awesome action! I loved the whole movie! Check it out!"

Neha Patel's profile image

neha_patel_7292 shared a tip "So funny!!"

Hadlie Rose's profile image

hadlie_rose shared a tip "Eddie and Venom's bromance is one for the ages."

leonedia_moreland shared a tip "It is really good! And funny"

Raven Young's profile image

raven_young shared a tip "Underrated movie"

Dylan Rowat's profile image

dylan_rowat shared a tip "Wow talk about an anti-hero!"

Daniel Curtis's profile image

daniel_curtis shared a tip "Its just awesome"

Candace Gallimore's profile image

candace_gallimore shared a tip "I enjoyed it. Action and a nice plot."

LeGayPotato 's profile image

LeSmartPotato shared a tip "So cool! 11/10 for sure!"

Michelle Zhang's profile image

mcela shared a tip "can’t wait for the 2nd one!!"

Christa Eckert's profile image

sunflowerbaby19 shared a tip "I wish I had a Venom of my own, because he was awesome in this movie."

vanessa guido's profile image

damnguido shared a tip "Good movie! Did feel like it was missing that extra umph marvel is known to bring."

Paul Rosette's profile image

paul_rosette shared a tip "Probably Star Wars"

Dustin Burns's profile image

dustin_burns shared a tip "Loved it!!"

Rebecca Rogers's profile image

rebecca_rogers shared a tip "Amazing movie"

Melissa Medina's profile image

melissa_medina shared a tip "I know this movie got a bad rap, but it was not THAT bad. Give it a shot."

marcia_hughes shared a tip "Great. Movie"

Daniel Webster's profile image

daniel_webster shared a tip "Not a great movie but its a perfect watch."

TurkeyTrouble 14's profile image

turkeytrouble_14 shared a tip "It's one of those movies you can watch over and over again and still be good."

Bryan Tiznado's profile image

bryan_tiznado shared a tip "Boom"

Glory riser09's profile image

glory_riser09 shared a tip "mo"

Glory riser09's profile image

glory_riser09 shared a tip "no sorry"

daltonp shared a tip "7.8/10"

elias_aguirre shared a tip "It would have to be the scene where he choose to take the elevator instead of fall off the roof of the building lol"

Fortnite Guy's profile image

fortnite_guy_4771 shared a tip "The movie is great:)"

armando_4695 shared a tip "The video"

PRAELUNE 's profile image

praelune shared a tip "eddie gets an alien boyfriend. good for him"

Tania Heide's profile image

tania_heide shared a tip "Because it has action and venom is a nice guy but at first he came out like a bad guy but know he is so cool"

Isabella Tero's profile image

isabella_tero shared a tip "The movie is good"

david_broderick shared a tip "I love all these movies"

Ben Martin's profile image

ben_martin_49 shared a tip "I can't watch the movies so I hate this app and deleting it"

Dalia Georgianna's profile image

dalia_georgianna shared a tip "Super good"

rikia_wright shared a tip "I love movie a all of action"

colin gerhart's profile image

colin_gerhart shared a tip "It was a really good movie"

Christian Bernard's profile image

christian_bernard_8693 shared a tip "Honestly don’t have one. I like all of them. What’s yours tho?"

Matthew Pena's profile image

matthew_pena_5975 shared a tip "The action was cool not much dialogue."

florlucent shared a tip "So much chaotic energy! You grow to love the parasite lol"

Kelsey Pacholuk's profile image

kelsey_pacholuk shared a tip "Love it soooo much"

Kea Greggs's profile image

kea_greggs shared a tip "Vemon is one of my favorite marvel vilans and this take on this movie had an Eminem song in it it was pretty cool"

William Will's profile image

william_will shared a tip "Loved it! Can't wait for the sequel!"

Jamie Blondin's profile image

jamie_blondin_3801 shared a tip "Lots of action"

katelyn baker's profile image

katelyn_baker_1355 shared a tip "It's really good tom hardy plays an excellent venom!!! 😊"

Rachel Smith's profile image

rachel_smith_7435 shared a tip "This is a movie to watch if you love action pact movies. It is also super good because they fit in a lot of funny moments."

sandeep kumar's profile image

sandeep_kumar_938 shared a tip "It was really good"

Skyla Davis's profile image

skyla_davis shared a tip "loved it"

Solo Dancer's profile image

solo_dancer shared a tip "It good"

delontez williams's profile image

delontez_williams shared a tip "Its good but need Be Venom 2 soon bro"

tyrone gunter's profile image

tyrone_gunter shared a tip "Definitely when Tom hardy confronts the gang member in the convenience store"

Kalana Ranatunga's profile image

kalana_ranatunga shared a tip "Pretty awesome fight scenes and voice mods"

emily pucino's profile image

emily_pucino shared a tip "Amazing! I highly recommend"

Ryth Logos's profile image

ryth_logos shared a tip "i also recommend bunraku"

roughdouglas shared a tip "Kinda trash, kinda charming. The eddie/venom relationship carries the movie for 90 mins over soft sand."

Maria Gutierrez Marcial's profile image

maria_gutierrez_mar shared a tip "Suspenseful and exciting"

Billy 's profile image

fuckingggbilly shared a tip "They're ******* huh?"

jenni!!╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ 's profile image

amazngjenni shared a tip "In Marvel? Definitely Endgame, Thor: Ragnarok or Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2!"

Vincent Salerno's profile image

vincent_salerno shared a tip "Yes"

Jessica Morán's profile image

Dark_Side_Fork shared a tip "It was a hilarious romp through symbiote anti-hero evolution."

dallas_core shared a tip "3.5/5"

Natassja Calhoun's profile image

natassja_calhoun shared a tip "Excellent action and surprisingly funny in some scenes"

fernanda_antoine shared a tip "Venom is my gf’s favorite so we had to watch it and it was so good! It’s not your typical hero movie!"

Sam 's profile image

sam_5912 shared a tip "I generally don’t like the comic book movies; but I rather enjoy Venom."

Joy m's profile image

joy_m_934 shared a tip "Just rewatched this movie and I loved it. The humor and story are amazing!!!"

Andrew Pidcock's profile image

andrew_pidcock shared a tip "Hilarious! Why did nobody tell me this was an out and out comedy? So much fun.. Tom as Eddie and venom was a scream"

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