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Two senior BFFs make a last-ditch attempt to be seen. But when one of them becomes a ghost, she'll need to really live her best life — while she can.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2022-07-08

Last Air Date 2022-07-08

Seasons 1

Episodes 8


TMDB 7.2


Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "Great teen drama series about being dead (but not) & the ups & downs of friendship with a twist! I smiled & cried at the end."

Kaitlyn Kendall's profile image

kaitlyn_kendall_1308 shared a tip "Such a cute and sad coming of age story. Great show to binge."

Rita Whaley's profile image

rita_whaley_6208 shared a tip "Serious twist! Definitely shows you how wrapped up in social media someone can get... Lots of funny moments"

Gail Weathers's profile image

gail_weathers shared a tip "I'm not crying u r"

Potat 's profile image

potat shared a tip "Love hate relationship with this miniseries. Wish it was more about the "sidekick" friend but it was good to watch"

sam 's profile image

samwitches shared a tip "Such a bad show....but so addicting and great haha"

Ava Beyer's profile image

avbeyer shared a tip "I like the plot. But honestly the character and how they were written were pretty petty like"

Nell Naa's profile image

nell_naa shared a tip "Gia my beloved 🫶🫶🫶"

Ashley Tyndall's profile image

ashley_tyndall shared a tip "There was a twist"

Abduulkir 's profile image

abdulkir shared a tip "It was amazing I was upset that Gia didn’t tell Erika I cry Ed really great show want season 2"

Laila Vidal's profile image

laila_vidal_6170 shared a tip "I didn’t like some parts but it truly made me cry in the end so it was worth watching"

Savannah 's profile image

savannah_bandana shared a tip "I felt it was a bit cringe…"

truffle butter's profile image

truffle_butter shared a tip "does anyone have any book/series recommendations like this?"

Alexis Bliss's profile image

alexisbliss shared a tip "Wild plot twist very sad"

kourt 's profile image

kourtish shared a tip "A must watch. The plot twists were so fun and I finished it in one day."

Tanzene Ali's profile image

tanzene_ali shared a tip "So bad"

Marie-Michèle Paradis's profile image

marie-michle_paradis shared a tip "Bad acting and bad story. But I kind of enjoyed it. Watch something else if you want to see an epic tv show ;)"

Shantel Poland's profile image

shantel_poland shared a tip "Cheesey"

Jules💙 's profile image

jules_07 shared a tip "My new favorite tv show"

carisa_green shared a tip "Cute with a twist"

Reyna Rivera's profile image

reyna_rivera_5399 shared a tip "It is soooo good"

Amiya Evans's profile image

amiya_evans_3389 shared a tip "It was awesome!"

Brooke Justason's profile image

brooke_justason shared a tip "The bomb"

desiree_ledbetter shared a tip "it’s was amazing definitely had some suprises"

Annabelle Beaulieu's profile image

annabelle_beaulieu_2793 shared a tip "Good but the end was kind of weird"

Ismael Sosa's profile image

ismael_sosa shared a tip "Cute"

megan_canedo_smith shared a tip "It started out a bit cheesy, but then I got pulled in. Didn’t think this would be so good, and sad in a sweet way. Loved it."

Ny 's profile image

nynyno shared a tip "One of the best shows I watched it’s so shocking OMGGG!! 😯"

liam_lastname_7288 shared a tip "Kinfof corny but not really in a funny way. Didn't really keep me entertained"

Natalie Niedhammer's profile image

natalie_niedhammer shared a tip "It was funny and emotional feeling show"

Sheree 's profile image

sheree_ross_4270 shared a tip "The first episode was like they just copied the lead characters and themes (besides the death twist) from Booksmart.😔"

Harshita Jasthi's profile image

harshita_jasthi shared a tip "Loved it!!"

Sandy Ngo's profile image

sandy_ngo shared a tip "Mean girls vibes"

Bunnysunshine Gaming's profile image

bunnysunshine_gaming shared a tip "The ending was cute but it was so confusing."

Ava 's profile image

oliverrulesthew shared a tip "bro i fr started crying, loved the story"

Serenity Punsalan's profile image

serenity_punsalan shared a tip "LOL"

Liberty 's profile image

libertyB- shared a tip "This show was so creative and perfect for fall."

Jack sparrow's profile image

dazzle shared a tip "Woah plot twistt"

Lizz Marchant's profile image

lizz_marchant shared a tip "Loved this. Super funny"

Reagan 's profile image

blurxy__517 shared a tip "I was crying…a lot. The ending was so unexpected."

zenaiya_gray shared a tip "The plot twist of the show is amazing. I was not expecting for it to end like that. Props to the writers/producers and directors."

jennifer_marriott shared a tip "Super funny with a mystery highly recommended !"

~Swiftie~ 's profile image

katieedison shared a tip "corny but in a good way 🫶🏻"

Alijah Hudson's profile image

alijah_hudson shared a tip "It was funny and a good show to watch"

Jenna Benedict's profile image

jenna_benedict shared a tip "I thought this tv show was a silly sitcom, but it go so deep and cute"

Kim Pike Melcher's profile image

kim_pike_melcher shared a tip "Cute short series"

ella_whiffen shared a tip "It was so interesting and amazing!"

Émilie Crosnier's profile image

milie_crosnier shared a tip "The last episode makes it all worth it"

Nicolle Donaire's profile image

nicolle_donaire shared a tip "Fun and weird"

bella 's profile image

bella_8914 shared a tip "The plot twists make this EVERYTHING."

Landen Cockman's profile image

landen_cockman shared a tip "Heart warming"

MEGA FAM VLOGS's profile image

mega_fam_vlogs shared a tip "it was unrealistic and cliche"

Kathyurshka Rose's profile image

kathyurshka_rose shared a tip "I was such a cute storyline!"

amanda_gabrielsen shared a tip "Really good show!!!"

katie_long_4930 shared a tip "It was weird"

sal <3's profile image

sal_3 shared a tip "Its amazing"

Oliver Billings's profile image

oliver_billings shared a tip "literlly best show ever"

karen_ortega_1181 shared a tip "I thought this film was very unique and i loved ALMOST every character. I enjoyed it ALOT to say the least."

awesome_user_956811 shared a tip "Just wholly unsatisfying."

Annie S's profile image

annie_s_5081 shared a tip "Soooo good"

Maria Lynn's profile image

maria_lynn_6328 shared a tip "It was just so good!!"

sudney_renee_riley shared a tip "It was funny relatable and romantic mostly drama but thats the best part"

justine_thompson_2845 shared a tip "So funny and heart warming!"

barbara_wilson_211 shared a tip "So hilarious! Ends with a twist."

Nadia Ali's profile image

nadia_ali_9073 shared a tip "Let’s watch this?"

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