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Nearly 5,000 years after he was bestowed with the almighty powers of the Egyptian gods—and imprisoned just as quickly—Black Adam is freed from his earthly tomb, ready to unleash his unique form of justice on the modern world.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2022-10-19

Runtime 125 minutes

Budget $0.2b

Revenue $0.4b


TMDB 7.2


Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "Enjoyed the sarcasm chuckles it brought me. Wait for the after credits scene."

Daniel (she/her) 🌈 's profile image

daniella_2577 shared a tip "8/10 🌟 Good! I found some parts a bit confusing to me, I found myself lost a couple times but I still enjoyed it!"

Kaitlyn Kendall's profile image

kaitlyn_kendall_1308 shared a tip "I enjoyed this movie. Hope they make a 2nd one."

melly_loveee shared a tip "Good action packed movie"

Rhonda Jean's profile image

rhonda_jean_602 shared a tip "3 out of 5 stars"

Griffin 's profile image

Griffin17 shared a tip "Another movie that seems like a child wrote it."

Sarah Joubert's profile image

sarahajoubert shared a tip "Very enjoyable. A couple areas that could have gone the way of suicide squad but then course corrected."

Jack sparrow's profile image

dazzle shared a tip "This was honestly so stupid"

Ty 's profile image

ty_3204 shared a tip "#Blackadam is good on one hand but #MARVEL could have done so so so much better 🍿🎉🎊"

Joany Berger's profile image

joany_berger shared a tip "Ces bon mais je suis un peu perdu... Ça s'appelle Black adam mais dans le fond ces Shazam"

Jim Woehr's profile image

jim_woehr shared a tip "Not the best superhero movie but it’s much better than critics said."

Dorian Adams's profile image

dorian_adams shared a tip "This movie was horrible with way to many characters!"

Andrew Abbey's profile image

andrew_abbey shared a tip "Decently fun watch"

AnnaGrace 's profile image

annagrace42 shared a tip "So good. And a great role for Dwayne Johnson."

AnnaGrace 's profile image

annagrace42 shared a tip "The Rock was perfect for this role."

Rashid A's profile image

Rashid shared a tip "Family and I did not enjoy it. The CGI felt like it was a movie created using outdated tech. Also, odd storyline and bad acting"

Sabrina 's profile image

sabrina_4728 shared a tip "One word: AMAZING"

Charles Moore's profile image

charles_moore_3600 shared a tip "YES!!!!"

Little Celly's profile image

little_celly shared a tip "It had a very interesting Plot."

Carla Craddock's profile image

carla_craddock shared a tip "This is a very tepid thumbs up. Repeated play of “Baby Come Back” tipped me towards the positive."

heather_1315 shared a tip "Terrible. Tried too hard to be funny and plot was muddy"

Morgan 's profile image

morgan-k1138 shared a tip "Is it perfect? No. Is it a thoroughly enjoyable time with some of my favorite characters? Absolutely."

Lacey Maybee's profile image

lacey_maybee shared a tip "I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be good but I really enjoyed it."

Dustin Gail's profile image

dustin_gail shared a tip "Better than Shazam imho!"

Zero P. E.'s profile image

zero_p._e. shared a tip "Pretty good movie considering the current state of the DCEU, I was thoroughly impressed."

TaNiya Rouser's profile image

taniya_rouser shared a tip "Good movie"

Rae Rogers's profile image

rae_rogers_5556 shared a tip "I liked due to Dwayne Johnson being in it also the story line."

joy_5039 shared a tip "Neither the story nor the CGI stood up. Did anybody else think the villain looked like he belonged in the video game Diablo?"

waren_coles shared a tip "5/10 oh my gosh that ending!😱"

kyra_hider-jackson shared a tip "Just ok."

Masha Sowell's profile image

masha_sowell shared a tip "Too long and a tad bit too much violence"

Dylan 's profile image

dylan_wright_4233 shared a tip "Cool concept of a hero of a people and villain to the world. I enjoyed it!"

Junebug 's profile image

Paya215 shared a tip "As much as I enjoy the rocks work, this was a disappointment"

Bobbi Ables's profile image

bobbi_ables shared a tip "Love this movie"

Campbell Kangethe's profile image

campbell_kangethe shared a tip "It was better than I thought."

niyah ¿'s profile image

niyah__6173 shared a tip "boring and bad acting"

Alex 's profile image

drwho9000 shared a tip "Plot was all over the place but action was really good! Probably the best action I have seen in a while! 👍"

jenny_wong_6158 shared a tip "It had a lot of action and it was good"

Paul Brown's profile image

paul_brown_4744 shared a tip "The ending was stantic"

BABY_MOCHI 's profile image

MOCHIMOVIES shared a tip "It was all right if you like superheroes "

susan_batten shared a tip "Ugh. I wanted to like it but turned it off. No sense of purpose. Boring. And I love the Rock!"

jesse_shoghi shared a tip "Kinda meh. Like it didn’t seem like it knew where it was going for a lot of it. Better off watching black panther."

Clos 's profile image

angela_aldecoa shared a tip "Guilty pleasure"

Bhim Bhalla's profile image

bhimbhalla shared a tip "Nice but some characters wasted"

awesome_user_405527 shared a tip "The story was all over the place"

Carlos Seckler's profile image

carlos_seckler shared a tip "It was very average"

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